Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 3-22-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 3/22/18


David Costabile – promoting season 3 of Billions

Show Topics

  • Remember how awesome the Karate Kid movie was? Well, they’re making a brand new series on YouTube Red that surrounds both Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio’s characters years later and it actually looks pretty great. It plays on the fact that they’ve now switched roles, where Ralph is the popular one and Billy is the loser. The series looks like they actually put production value into it, so it should turn out pretty well. Do you think YouTube will soon be up there with platforms like Netflix and Hulu in terms of streaming content? Also, what other 80s movies would be good to remake or continue into a film or TV show today? Maybe Goonies, Back to the Future, or Pee Wee Herman.


  • What do you think of Donald Trump Jr and Pauly D having dated the same person? Aubrey O’Day is reportedly with her now that he is getting divorced, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. If Donald Trump can bang porn stars why couldn’t his son pull someone like Aubrey O’Day? Also, do we really care or are we even surprised that a billionaire was banging porn stars? He had the money to pay them clearly. What would you think though, if the girl you were with told you her exes were DJ Pauly D and Donald Trump Jr?



  • Brian from Pittsburgh calls in to tell us what it’s like being blind. Is it a hard life? Well, he knows nothing else because he’s been blind from birth, but Rich wants him to answer a few questions. If you suddenly could see, what would be something you’d like to experience? Apparently for Brian it would be a babbling brook. We want to start a GoFundMe to pay for Brian to get his sight though.
  • David Costabile is here to promote season 3 of the hit Showtime show Billions. David has had a lot of memorable roles in the past, like Gale from Breaking Bad and Doug from Flight of the Concords, but we really love his character Wags in Billions. If there was any role he could have, what would he like to do? Apparently he’d like to work in voiceover with Disney, but what he really loves is the sense of family you get from a set. Also, all the guys can relate because he has two young daughters, so he’s in the same boat as Covino and Rich.
  • The last male White Rhino has died, which means that once the last two female white rhinos die they will be officially extinct. How exactly do we let something like this happen? It seems like with all the tech we have today we should be able to keep a species from going extinct. Apparently a lot of other species, like tigers, elephants, and blue whales are on the verge of going extinct too, so if we don’t do something soon, they will be gone forever.