Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 3-21-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 3/21/18


Show Topics

  • Is there a skill to being able to freestyle rap on demand? Yes, of course, being able to come up with rhymes without rehearsing them beforehand is actually really hard, so when you see a rapper do it that’s what makes it so impressive. Lil Dicky did a freestyle on Sway’s morning show, but it was pretty clear that it had been practiced beforehand. Do you think rappers and performers rehearse before a big show like James Corden or Jimmy Fallon? It seems like they would have to with all the choreography involved.


  • Don’t you hate it when people give themselves a title that they don’t really deserve? Rich was asked to DJ an event, but doesn’t think what he’s doing technically counts as DJing. Really he’s just going to go there, push play, and look cool. Are there other careers like this, where the title is taken loosely to cover a wide area of people? Like writers, producers, and even truck drivers.
  • There must have been a generational skip when it comes to dancing in public, because both Covino and Rich only really nod their heads and hold up their drinks. Their parents’ generation loved to dance and were actually pretty good at it, and the younger generation are way into the popping and locking, so did the dancing gene just skip an entire generation? At their school dances there were only two times you were dancing: either slow dancing or moshing.
  • Do you think bouncers at clubs and bars are getting a little too full of themselves when it comes to letting people in? There was a story in the news regarding a woman who wasn’t allowed into a club in Buenos Aires because she was too chubby, and now we’re wondering if that will ever change. With the big equality movement happening today, do you think the club bouncer judgement thing will go the way of the past? Probably not, because the hot girls and the guys with money are still getting in first.
  • Are all serial killers just trying to out-do one another? The Austin Bomber suspect was caught and killed when he blew himself up, but the bigger issue from the story is that there were no signs as to why he did it. He was a normal dude, with no health issues, just doing it out of pure evil. Apparently there are just psychos out there all the time and we just don’t even realize it. Ever think about how many people you’ve walked past in your life? How many of them do you think turned out to be murderers?