Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 3-20-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 3/20/18


Show Topics

  • Do you ever notice the censoring in songs and think: why did they do that? A lot of songs that are played on mainstream radio need to be censored due to FCC restrictions, but they find the funniest ways to censor them. They turn the song in reverse, delete the word altogether, or even will put in a new word all together. Also, why do some artists feel the need to curse in their songs at all? You can ruin a perfectly good song by throwing in the F word, which is exactly what James Blunt did with “You’re Beautiful”
  • Can you give up on a show when you’ve watched it for so long? The guys are all starting to give up on the Walking Dead, because it’s getting too slow, and doesn’t seem to be realistic. Really Neegan and Rick just seem to be doing a dance without getting anywhere. They have so many chances to kill each other, but never do just to keep the show going. When a show starts to feel like a chore in watching it, that’s when you give up on it.
  • Rich and Sara are going on vacation to Cabo and Rich needs to get some new swim trunks. What type should Rich buy though? Should he go with some board shorts? Some longer swim trunks? Or maybe just go all the way with a speedo. He doesn’t want to be the old guy on the beach looking like he’s stuck in the past, but he doesn’t want to go too short to the point where he looks gay.
  • There’s a friend in need regarding a flirty barista and a jealous wife. How far is too far when it comes to a flirty server? If a girl writes a heart on your cup, does that mean she’s interested? Or is it just something she probably does for everyone? If “Scott” is a charismatic guy who is outgoing and friendly, should he be worried about the younger barista? Or should he just explain to his wife that the heart on his cup meant nothing, and that she just did it out of habit.
  • Self-driving cars were supposed to be the way of the future, but there are definitely still a few kinks that need to be worked out before we push them out into the mainstream world. A woman in Arizona was hit by a self-driving car when she j-walked and was killed, which caused Uber to roll back its fleet of self-driving cars in San Francisco. Do we really need self-driving cars though? Have we gotten that lazy that we can’t even drive anymore?