Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 3-14-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 3/14/18


Godfrey – comedian, talking about upcoming tour dates and his show on SiriusXM

Show Topics

  • We’re starting off the day with where we left off yesterday: things white people do! You know what is one thing only white people do? Die in hot air balloon accidents. White people aren’t the only one who ride in hot air balloons, but they are the only ones that die when there’s an accident. There’s a huge list of things only white people do, you know who can help us with it, Godfrey! He’s here to do his show from the LA studios, but stops by to say hey and catch up with the guys. He also gives us a nice list of things white people do.
  • Did you hear about the woman that pulled her own eyes out of her head? She was apparently on meth and ripped her own eyes out, which makes everyone a little queasy. There’s also a stripper who bit someone’s finger off when a fight broke out at the strip club she worked at. To sum it all up, people are losing all sorts of body parts, so stay away from drugs.


  • Covino is really annoyed by all the crappy furniture he always sees out on the streets in his neighborhood, but it makes him think: at some point you were okay with having that in your house. Do other people just live with really crappy standards and are willing to put up with a lot more? Or is this totally normal for people to have hand-me-down furniture? It’s one thing for someone in college to buy things secondhand, it’s totally different for a grown adult to do it.
  • Why are women’s cars and purses always filled with needless crap? It’s like an endless wasteland of useless things. Wrappers, napkins, other stuff, it seems like a useless  mish-mosh. Also, would you care if your spouse had an affair early on in the relationship? Or after 30-40 years does it even matter anymore? You make it that far, you’re just trying to stick it out until the end.