Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 3-13-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 3/13/18

Show Topics

  • Rich was all in on American Idol last night! He loved it, watching the auditions and the new coaches vibe with the contestants. There were a few stand-out performances though which Rich tells us all about. One involved a guy named Trevor, whom Katy Perry was very fond of, and continuously flirted with even though his girlfriend was just in the other room. Will the new season be able to hold up against all the other talent shows out there? Or is it going to fall flat after the auditions are over? It seems like with all of these shows all the producers care about is whether or not you have a backstory. If you don’t come with some sort of emotional backstory, you don’t get an audition. Covino was not impressed, and would much rather watch Coach Snoop on Netflix. Although Snoop does seem to drop a lot of N words in the show, Covino finally gets why: it’s all for the brotherhood.



  • There have been a lot of big football moves in the past few days, all leading up to today’s big trade: Kirk Cousins of the Washington Redskins was traded to the Vikings for a whopping $84 million 3 year deal. The exception here? He’s guaranteed the $84 million no matter what. Do you think he’ll be able to stand-up to the Hall of Fame level QBs like Tom Brady and Drew Brees? Or is this all just the Vikings putting a LOT of faith into a longshot? Keeping with the football news, how do we feel about the Odell Beckham Jr. situation? Will he be re-signed at the Giants or will he move on to another team? Wherever he goes, all of his problems will come with him.
  • There’s a lot of Random news out there: Craig Mack the rapper passed away yesterday, and there’s a new way to #D print an unborn child. Judy Garland’s husband claims in a new memoir that the munchkin actors on set of the Wizard of Oz molested his wife constantly, which if true is very sad no matter how funny the headline looks. There are a group of women who stand in a parking spot to save it even when repeatedly told to move, which brings up the debate “when can you save a spot?” Rich wants to know what really consists of “winning” at life? Is it just longevity? Or is it making the most of your life?
  • There’s a list of things that every white person enjoys, and all of the things on it are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Brunch, Segway’s, country music, all of these are for sure on the list, but are there more items we are forgetting? If so, what are they? There has to be a massive list somewhere of all the activities that white people enjoy, right?