Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 3-12-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 3/12/18

Show Topics

  • Did they stop manufacturing alarm clocks? If so, when did they stop? With Daylight Savings screwing everyone’s sleep schedule up, that’s what we really want to know. Now they have so many varieties of alarm: some shake your bed, some are a soft light like a sunrise, and others are just the standard loud noise.
  • Melody was devastated to not be performing in the talent show this year. She auditioned and was very excited after walking out, but unfortunately on Friday the results were posted and she did not make the cut. Covino looks at this as both a good and bad thing though. On the one hand he is devastated for his daughter who he knows loves to sing and loves to perform, but on the other it is a good learning opportunity for her to realize that sometimes you can work really hard at something and not get it. Covino is just mad because he knows there are going to be kids in the show who are nowhere near as talented as Melody.
  • Covino has a gripe with Nicole from the Morning Mash Up. Back when she began as a receptionist at the SXM studios in NYC, the guys would have her on the show from time to time, just as a new voice. She has since moved from there to becoming the lead person on the Hits1 Channel for their morning show. There was a time where she said to Rich “What is Covino trying to prove with his Mohawk haircut.” Since then, he has always had a bit of an issue with her, but now he’s letting it go. He was testing out a new look at the time, and apparently so was Rich. Are there any occasions where you’ve held a grudge for too long? Maybe having to do with family or a close friend?


  • Last night, while ABC was airing their premiere of American Idol, FOX decided to air a OJ Simpson interview from years ago, in which he did not confess to the murder, but might as well have. He describes how he would’ve done it if he had been the murderer, as well as how he would’ve handled the aftermath. It all makes him out to be a very scary person, almost a sociopath at times, and questions whether or not the jury was right in the initial trial.


  • Toys R Us is closing down all of its stores due to the fact that it can’t keep up with services like Amazon and Ebay with online shopping. Retailers like Walmart and Target will be the new go-to spots for toys for kids, but with one of the major toy retailers from our childhood closing down, it makes you question how malls are going to survive? If more and more stores pull out of the malls, where will the smaller businesses go? The stores that are only found in malls, like an Orange Julius, Spencer’s Gifts, or GameStop will have to branch out on their own to survive.