Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 3-8-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 3/8/18

Show Topics

  • Throwing it back on a Thursday once again, remember old school answering machines? Where there was a recorded track telling you to leave a message after the beep? People used to love personalizing theirs, and sometimes they’d screw it up and not fix it. Our favorite answering tone was the one Rich’s aunt had that played a little song before you left the message. Also, keeping with the phone conversation, remember when beepers were a big thing? The worst was always when you’d get a page and call them back when they were just saying Hi. Are minutes still a thing in phone contracts? Or have those also gone the way of the past? Rich called his aunt just so we could all hear the answering machine tone, and it was just as great as we all expected.


  • Covino went to see Stone Temple Pilots last night, and absolutely loved the show. It was cool to see them play all the classic hits as well as some pretty great new ones too. After the concert Covino and Jordyn went to a restaurant and he realized it was one he used to go to all the time with his previous situation. Does that make it at all awkward? According to Covino, no it does not.
  • The guys are headed to Las Vegas in March, and Rich may have made a big mistake leading up to the trip. While at lunch the other day with Spot and his wife, Rich asked her if she was going to come too, which Spot was not happy about. Spot had thought he would go with the guys, stay in Rich’s room, and have a fun guy’s weekend with them. Now, he’ll have to buy her a plane ticket, get a separate hotel room, and the Vegas activities they had planned will turn into more “couple’s” activities. Was it wrong of Rich to extend the invitation to Spot’s wife? Now there is a bet as to whether the Vegas weekend will actually get Spot some action, loser pays for the weekend.
  • Thanks to social media, we can now see a lot of our parent’s memories are now able to be seen on Facebook and Instagram. Before this Covino never knew what his Dad’s upbringing was really like, now he knows everything. Is social media opening that doorway into our parent’s lives? And is that a doorway we really want to opn? Maybe not.