Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 3-6-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 3/6/18


Jon Taffer – promoting his new book “Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself: Crush the Excuses that are holding you back”

Show Topics

  • Melody had her big Talent Show audition yesterday, and Covino was a little bit nervous about how it would go. She is singing “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, but there are a lot of kids auditioning to be in it. She is always singing around the house, and when they are out somewhere public, so hopefully she’ll be fine singing in front of her class. She told Covino that she didn’t know whether she was excited or nervous to perform. All the parents were waiting outside with Covino, and he noticed that parents may be a little too supportive of everything their child does. They are over-involved in their kids’ lives, to the extent that it is not healthy.
  • We’ve got your ultimate Bachelor recap for last night’s finale, which ended with quite the twist. Ari proposed to one girl, then two weeks later broke up with her and decided to try to get the second place girl instead. This shocking revelation has a lot of people furious with him and the show, because they did this all on live television as well. Was it wrong of them to show a girl’s heart get broken on national TV? Or are the ratings that important that it shouldn’t matter?
  • Jordyn went in to get a massage the other day, and the only available masseuse was a guy. She went forward with it though, but as he was massaging her back she thinks she may have felt his penis rub against her head. If it happened, Covino would be so mad, but there’s no way to tell if it was that or something else. Do you think a lot of male masseuses, doctors, and trainers take pleasure in the fact that they might occasionally get to work with beautiful naked women?
  • What are millennials going to do when they get old and there’s no retirement savings left? It seems like a lot of younger people are more interested in traveling and spending their money now, and no one wants to save for the future anymore. Is it crazy to think that in the next few decades retirement will run out, and people will be working longer into their old age? Everyone is so focused on instant gratification, no one wants to put the work in for the long run.
  • Jon Taffer is here to promote his new book “Don’t Bullshit Yourself” but first has some wise words of wisdom for younger generations in the workforce right now: save money. Short-sightedness is going to hurt everyone in the end, and not being able to afford retirement will cause a lot of people to work well into the older years. Excuses are a common denominator in this type of thing, where people will have every excuse not to do something, when all the signs point to the fact that they should make the change. Also, people are less and less likely to take risks now, and do everything solely based on their ego.
  • Why is it no longer acceptable to have an unpopular opinion in today’s world? When it comes to subjects like movies, TV, or even politics, if you’re in the minority you are ridiculed. Covino wasn’t a fan of the movie Get Out, not because of anything to do with race, the cast, or the director, but just because he thought it wasn’t THAT good. Any major movie nowadays that even comments on some sort of social change, if you say one sentence against it you’re instantly ridiculed. Same thing with Black Panther and Wonder Woman recently, where if you didn’t like them you were either racist or sexist.