Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 3-5-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 3/5/18

Show Topics

  • We’ve got all the Oscars news you could want on the show today, and we’re turning a 3+ hour award show into a 50 minute recap. Covino respects people like Joel McHale and Pete Holmes who make their own type of show, but not actors who just make films that they have no personal vested interest in. Coco, Shape of Water, and Frances McDormand were the big winners from last night’s show, but the real winner was Frances McDormand’s laugh! She sounded like a crazy witch from a fairy tale. The #MeToo movement took center stage at the award show as well, with lots of winners calling out for equality in the industry. Also, Ryan Seacrest is in a lot of hot water.
  • Sara had a wild weekend of drinking with her girlfriends at Tiki bars, and got a little too drunk. Rich ended up taking care of the baby and Sara as well. Does taking care of your significant other while they are sick or hungover earn you brownie points or even a night out yourself? Or should you do it all out of the kindness of your heart since it is your wife?
  • If you’re in an Uber do you sit in the front seat or the back seat? Doesn’t it seem like you are intruding on their personal space if you just assume you can jump into the front seat? Some drivers will even pull the front seat up to imply that you shouldn’t sit up there. Ubers are like the new Taxi cabs, so it would be weird if you jumped in the front seat.
  • What percent of people do you think have second thoughts on their wedding the night before their wedding? Or even worse, at the actual wedding itself? It seems higher than you’d expect, but it would be worth it if you get out of a terrible marriage before it happens. Everyone has already spent the money to get there, plus last minute cancellations are a hassle to deal with. It seems almost worse to cancel when the wedding is that close. You should just go through with it and get it annulled the next day.