Covino & Rich Show Recap: Thursday 3-1-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 3/1/18

Show Topics

  • Starting off this Throwback Thursday by throwing it all the back to… Yesterday. Continuing with our last conversion from the day before, why is having a lesbian princess for Disney a problem? Well, a lot of people still think it’s a sore subject, and a tough one for a kid’s movie to properly teach without coming across as biased. How many gay people are there in the US? The number is somewhere near 30%, so chances are that everyone knows at least one. The other thing from yesterday that the guys were sort of dismissive of yesterday was the military for education option. Maybe it works for some, but it definitely isn’t an option for everyone.
  • Amy Schumer put in her wedding vows that she would always give her husband blow jobs, which brings up the question, what leaves after you get married? Is it true what everyone says, do the blow jobs disappear after your marriage? Or is it all up to the individuals to keep the spice in a marriage going. No guy should lose sex just because they got married.


  • There’s a major debate going on today throughout the show, but everyone on the show seems to be in agreement. Blue Cheese or Ranch? We’re all on team Blue Cheese here, but it seems like a total coastal thing. A lot of west coasters like Ranch, whereas anyone from the northeast is team Blue Cheese all the way.


  • Spot comes up with a meme involving where you wear sunglasses for your balls. Would you wear them over or under the penis? And why can’t Spot post the photo to Instagram? Well, the guys are trying to promote their brand and are in talks with people like ESPN and ABC, and don’t want a picture of a penis with sunglasses on their social profiles. So where is the line if that’s the type of thing they talk about every day? Where is the line, and have they already crossed it? We all say yes.