Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 2-26-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 2/26/18

Show Topics

  • Covino went on a wine tasting trip this weekend with Jordyn up to Monterey and they had an amazing time. They were supposed to go to 5 different winery’s but were so buzzed they couldn’t make it to all of them. On the drive back to LA though, they decided to play gas station roulette going down the PCH. Covino’s car said he had 50 miles left in the tank, and the next gas station wasn’t for 40 miles. The entire drive he was worried that he wasn’t going to make it, then when they hit a “Road Closed” sign he was even more so worried. He had to drive all the way back an hour and a half up the PCH to the next closest gas station, and made it there with 6 miles left in the tank. His new car that he’s had for only a week has already been put to the “How Far Can My Car Make It On E?” Test!


  • Rich went to a commercial shoot this weekend, and wanted to leave and come back when the director told him that it was going to be about 5 hours until they needed him again. Sara wanted to stay though, because she thought it would look unprofessional if they left set. They ended up going to a hotel bar nearby after the director gave them a $20, and then when they were ready to get the final shot a homeless guy wouldn’t move until they paid him $100. This all goes to Rich’s question, why do they spend so much money on commercial shoots?
  • Covino is testing out a new deodorant that apparently has the ability to prevent both the yellow stains on white t-shirts and the white stains on black t-shirts. Rich never seems to experience this problem, but it brings up the conversation: Is there a way to put on a t-shirt without getting deodorant on the fabric? Effectively that would prevent the marks from showing up.


  • Was it cowardly for the security guard/police deputy stationed outside of the Florida school to not run inside when he first heard the gunshots begin during last week’s school shooting? There are arguments for both sides, but at the end of the day, when there are kids in danger you should always rush in. Yes, he had no way of knowing how many shooters there were and how dangerous the situation was, but with kids in danger you always need to step up to the situation.
  • Is paternity leave something every guy should use after his wife has a baby? If it is offered through a company, and you don’t NEED to be there for an audience then yes, but in the caser of the show, when Rich was there for Emmy’s birth he didn’t take any time off. So it totally depends on the situation at hand, but if it’s offered in the end and you don’t mind being away from work for that long then you should totally take advantage of it.