Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 2-21-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 2/21/18

Show Topics

  • The guys are in New York for one more day, and they went to meet with the bosses to talk new contracts. What do you ask for when you go in for a contract negotiation? Should they ask for a fish tank in the studio? Also, while they’d love to keep Spot in the contract negotiation, but he is under a different department. What would be the number for Spot that would take him away from the show? Something in the $10-20k range would probably be his prime area for consideration
  • Here’s the issue with the new bathrooms at SXM in NYC: in the men’s room they took away a urinal which means they are down to four, that takes away the buffer for in between when you’re taking a piss. In terms of toilets, they made them lower, almost like a squatty potty, so the poop comes out easier. They put in six sinks, which makes no sense, because there would never be a need for six in a men’s room. In the women’s room the mirror is too far from the counter, so when the ladies are putting on make-up it gets difficult. Basically it’s a mess, and whoever designed them is going to have some explaining to do.
  • Should a wife be able to take things off the table if she’s done them before with other guys? Like if she has an Ex who she used to give blowjobs to all the time, and then when she’s with you decides to take them off the table, should that be allowed? It seems like if she was willing to go that far with another guy she should at least be willing to try it with you, right? Babchik says his wife basically took sex off the table after having kids because she claims to not have any feeling down there anymore, but that sounds a little crazy. Maybe try to spice up the relationship a little, or wait until she wants it and then deny her.
  • People want to know why Spot isn’t included in contract negotiations with the guys, but it’s because he falls under a different category from them. They have to go back every year and discuss contracts with the bosses, while Spot is a salaried member of the SiriusXM team. Therefore, he is not necessarily required to act as co-host to the guys, that’s just something he does to give his opinion. The guys shouldn’t demand so much from him though, since nowhere in his job description does it say he has to act as co-host.
  • Have you ever heard of a long-distance marriage? It’s where two spouses live in different cities but still make their marriage work. Rich met a woman at the bar last night who lives in NYC but her husband lives in Boston, so are they under some sort of arrangement? This is similar to when a spouse gets a job in a new city and has to relocate. How do you decide when to move for a spouse’s job? Does there have to be a specific number for you to agree to it? Spot did this with his wife, and can confirm it is very difficult. The breadwinner of a relationship usually makes the decision on relocation, but both sides should have input.