Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 2-16-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 2/16/18

Show Topics

  • Covino & Rich are in Colorado for a Subaru event. It’s been an adventure right from the beginning. It started with their Uber on the way to the airport. The Uber driver had no sense of urgency and it was taking forever to get there. Rich for the first time ever was a backseat Uber driver. They finally get to the airport to find out that their flight was delayed. Covino made a friend though – a random business hotshot was amused by an inappropriate picture Covino showed Rich and the guy made Covino text him the picture.
  • What takes people so long at the rental counter?? – After a delayed flight, they had to wait an hour in line for their rental car. Once they got to the counter, it took Rich literally one minute to complete his transaction. He wants to know why it takes everyone else so long! Listeners call in to tell C&R what goes on at the rental counter.
  • Big Dick Days – A listener posted something about having a good penis day. It’s something everyone can relate to but they never talk about. What causes a good penis day? How do they get these every day? Some days a guy wakes up a little bigger than normal, giving you a little more confidence. Don’t let good penis days go to waste.
  • Rich doesn’t want to go off on a gun control tangent but where is the appropriate place to have the discussion? The guys discuss what their responsibility as a citizen? Covino wishes people would put as much effort in to making actual change as they do with their Facebook posts on the issue. Rich doesn’t know what the answer is but kids shouldn’t be dying like this. Listeners call in with their input on the issue and what they think would work and where the bigger problem is.
  • Rich watched a new Netflix movie – it’s like Groundhog Day mixed with Back to the Future and the Butterfly Effect. It makes Rich wonder that if life would have turned out differently, would you still cross paths with certain people. In another life, would you still meet your wife or business partner? Spot thinks absolutely yes, Covino agrees to an extent as well – there are so many factors to consider.