Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 2-14-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 2/14/18

Show Topics

  • Happy “Balentimes Day” to you and yours! Today we’re talking all things love, like how men love Beer, Beef Jerky, and Bacon. Women seem to love their Cupcakes, Wine, and Brunch, and Brother Love just loves everyone. The other thing people LOVE this time of year is the Olympics, and in particular Curling. Covino wants to know though, who would ever choose Doubles Luge as their Olympic sport? You’re literally either laying on top of another man, or you have another man on top of you. There’s a sleazy trick you can try for Valentine’s Day if you forgot to make plans, and Rich teaches us all about it. Covino is dealing with his own love situation right now with his daughter who just wants a boy in her class to be her friend.
  • Shaun White won Gold last night at the Olympics, with an amazing run on the Halfpipe. This gets the guys talking about Greats, and who we seem to consider the Greatest of All Time. Jordan is Up there, and so is Tyson, but why hasn’t the list been updated in a while? Michael Phelps should for sure be added to the list, as well as Shaun White after last night’s performance. The only thing that was crazier than seeing the Greats win, was seeing them lose. Like when Tyson lost to Douglas, or Brady lost to the Eagles.
  • A Friend in need comes up regarding being asked to sleep on the couch. Does that ever really happen in real life? Or is it just something they do on TV and in movies? It seems less like people are being told to go sleep on the couch, and more like spouses are willingly going to sleep somewhere else either after a fight or just because.
  • Are music or lyrics more important? Sometimes you hear a song and it has a really catchy beat to it, but you don’t realize what the lyrics were about until later in life. This happened with Rich just today, where he heard a Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock song that he loved from the 90s and realized that it was about a long distance relationship that went bad. There are tons of artists who do this, like Billy Joel, another one of Rich’s favorites, who used to write tons of songs about whatever came to his mind.