Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 2-13-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 2/13/18

Show Topics

  • Covino has a friend who has decided to have a baby via sperm donor, and he honestly finds that to be a little strange. Why would you choose willingly to have a baby by yourself when you’re a young and attractive woman with no need to actually use a sperm donor? For some a donor is the only option, whether it’s because the husband is infertile or just for other difficulties, but for someone who is 100% healthy it just seems a little strange. She’s also still young enough that if she met a guy and had a relationship they’d have time to go through the whole pregnancy thing and she still wouldn’t be too old. For Covino, anything other than the natural way of having a kid doesn’t make sense. Sure there are the exceptions of those who need a donor or surrogate, but if she really wants a kid that bad why not consider adoption at the least.
  • We have a HUGE announcement and it comes in the form of a new Ticklesack song! Spot finally went to a foot doctor about a month ago and has been on the road to recovery ever since. This has been a problem he has been dealing with for YEARS so the fact that he finally went and did something about it is great! It’s all a part of his new outlook on life, where he takes his health very seriously and wants to do what’s best for his body, which means SPOT HAS A BRAND NEW TOE!


  • Covino went to the dealership yesterday to get his new car and they told him there was a scrape on the bottom of the bumper, which happens to literally everyone. They wanted an extra $400 to fix it, which he was not willing to pay so he took it to another shop where a fat Mexican dude claimed he’d fix it for $100. When Covino returned to pick up the car it looked like the guy had just colored in the spot with magic marker! He was so angry, he gave the guy $40 and took the car back to the dealership. Now he has his new car and is waiting on what he expects will be a $400+ bill for repairs.
  • Last night both Rich and Covino watched The Bachelor and it got Rich thinking. The theme of this week’s episode is Hometowns, and Rich wants to know who in your hometown would you introduce a new girl to, and where would you take them to see. Specifically, Covino, who will be in this situation next week with Jordyn, has to figure out what parts of Union, NJ he wants to show her. Or should he just take her into the city since that is where he spent most of his time? Either way this will be a huge romantic trip, and Jordyn loves the show The Bachelor, so he should totally base this off of the “Hometown Date” theme from the show.
  • There’s a bunch of random stories in the news today that Covino wants to bring up. One involves a boar that has to be at least 8 feet tall standing on its hind legs. Another is about a guy who bought his girlfriend tickets to what he thought was a Red Hot Chili Peppers show in Belfast, but it turns out the Tickets were for the Red Hot Chili Pipers, a bagpipe band. There’s also a guy who has had 23 kids because he thought his sperm slept at night, and Amy Schumer has a new movie coming out that is getting a TON of backlash.