Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 2-9-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 2/9/18

Show Topics

  • Rich went into a weed shop yesterday and tried to take Emmy in with him, but they wouldn’t let him. Now he’s wondering why they don’t let kids in when kids are allowed into liquor stores and pharmacies? When he was young he used to be able to go into the liquor store to buy his dad alcohol, or go buy a pack of cigarettes for him, now people are so sensitive that something like that would never happen. Maybe it’s because they’re worried that the baby will get her first contact high, or maybe they just want to cover their backs, either way there can’t be a major difference between a mother drinking mimosas around their child on a Sunday morning, and a father buying weed with his child in a stroller.
  • Covino is thinking of giving up drinking during the week to get into better shape, but wonders what the health benefits would be. The hardest part is going to be going out with friends and having to say no to a drink with them on a weeknight. There is a forced social pressure in those situations to fit in and have a good time, but he wants to avoid it as much as he can.
  • There was a girl who apparently had to flush her pet hamster down a toilet because they were not going to allow it on a plane. The emotional support animal was not allowed due to a Spirit Airlines policy, but the girl’s reaction was what really caught everyone’s attention. Why did she have to flush it down a toilet and kill it? Why couldn’t she have let it go outside and at least attempt to give it a life outside of the sewer? Put the little guy in your pants or in a purse, just don’t kill the little guy.


  • There is a friend in need regarding dealing with children’s sports programs. A listener’s daughter is on a basketball team where the coach emailed out that they would not be showing up to a game because the other team was too good. How is that acceptable? Back in the day you used to play the game whether you won or lost; it taught you how to deal with loss and winning as well. The other thing losing does is push you to work harder on your sport. At a certain age kids become very competitive and actually want to be good instead of just wanting to have fun, and that’s when the real competitive nature comes on.