Covino & Rich Show Recap: Monday 2-5-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 2/5/18

Show Topics

  • It’s the day after the Super Bowl which means everyone’s feeling a bit groggy, but we’re recapping the night anyways. The Eagles came out with a victory over Tom Brady and the Patriots last night which was honestly a shock to everybody. It really makes you realize that no one is perfect, even Tom Brady. Nick Foles, who began the season as a backup quarterback is now the Super Bowl Champion and MVP, and we can honestly say no one saw that coming back in the fall. Will he become the new face of Philadelphia now? Or is Wentz still the man there? Everyone was excited about the game last night, including Kobe Bryant who is a huge Eagles fan. The only lackluster moment of the night though: Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance. He could have at least brought a few guests with him, like maybe the guys from N’SYNC?


  • There something women have that apparently all men take for granted and we’re just now learning about it. Boob Placement is a very real issue, some women have perfect placement, others are too high or too low, but we never knew it was something to look for. Now, you can’t help but notice it on every woman you see.


  • A friend in Need comes up involving a guy who recently was divorced, and now his Ex is already on to the next guy. He wants to know if he should tell the new guy that this woman has already been married a few times, and seems to just move from guy to guy without a care in the world. Should he warn the new guy? Or is it his problem to deal with? Honestly, the last guy any dude should be worried about is the new dude banging your ex, so maybe just let this one go.
  • Another friend in need involving getting along with friends of friends comes up. A listener’s wife’s friend’s husband is the most religious guy ever, and it seems like whenever they are hanging out all he wants to talk about is religion. The listener doesn’t necessarily care about the guy or about the conversation, so what’s the right way to go about cutting it off? Do you just tell your wife that you don’t want to hang out with them anymore? Or suck it up and tell the guy yourself?
  • Covino is getting a new car, and has decided to go the economical route instead of spending money on a flashy car. He will be getting a Honda Civic because it seems to be pretty popular on the West Coast, but wants to know if he should’ve upgraded to the Sports Package and gotten new hubcaps? He doesn’t need a flashy car, but the price for the upgrade would be the same as if he had just gone for the luxury car, so why spend the extra cash?