Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 2-2-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 2/2/18

Show Topics

  • Today we’re talking about the new way guys and girls cheat, and it has nothing to do with sleeping together. Instagram and Instagram girls have created a way for men around the world to stare at ass all day, and because the photos are readily available and just one click away. We have an excuse to be following these girls on social media, it’s for the show, but other guys have no excuse whatsoever. That excuse may not work anymore though, because Sara calls in to tell Rich that if he wants to look at those girls he should have them on the show. When you direct message someone on Instagram, that alone is like saying you’re looking for something better than what you have. Now more than ever too, these girls are actually one message away from starting something with you.


  • Tom Brady is the Man, we all know that already, but on his new Facebook show Tom vs. Time there was a scene where Brady asked for a kiss from his son. It wouldn’t of been awkward if he had just taken a peck and gone with it, but Tom asked his son to give him a longer kiss, which lasted like 3-5 seconds. That’s where things got awkward. Is it wrong to kiss your children on the lips? Or is it just a way of showing affection? It seems like it’s normal in the Brady household, but for some others it may be a little strange to kiss a son on the lips. The whole show is broadcasted live on the internet, so could Tom have been trying to embarrass his son?



  • On a recent episode of Jeopardy there was a category that centered around football because this weekend is the Super Bowl. Only problem: none of the contestants knew anything about football whatsoever. These people who go on this show seem to know everything from 1800s French Literature to Astronomy, but when it comes to sports, they fall short. Trebek even made funny jabs at the players for being a little too nerdy and not knowing anything about the sport.


  • One of the fathers of the girls molested by Dr. Nassar charged the bench at the trial the other day, to try and attack the doctor for what he did. He had asked for a minute alone with the defendant to which the judge said no, which is when he tried to rush the bench but was quickly stopped. Nassar molested three of this man’s daughters, so the anger is understandable, and maybe the guards should have let him get one punch in. either way, the doctor won’t last long in prison for what he did.


  • Rich has a new DIY project going, and it is because people have commented that he has no paintings or pictures in his living room. Sara went out to Home Depot to pick up some supplies for the project, but when they returned and began staining the wood Rich realized that the smell was going into the house. Now their apartment smells of paint.