Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 1-31-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 1/31/18

Show Topics

  • Trump’s State of the Union was last night, and the guys were watching with intent and noticed a few things. First of all Ji Sung Ho seems to have the roughest life ever. He lost limbs to a train because he was too tired to move. Trump did a good job, and stuck to the Prompter for most of it. After the speech was over Democrats had to hunt for something to criticize him for. Joe Kennedy, who was the Democratic response seemed to have something stuck on his lip though. It was like he put on a bunch of chap stick right before. Also, what was with the Spanish speech? Either way, we can’t really criticize anything Trump said last night. He did a pretty great job.

  • Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” is a rock anthem, but some people know it from Rock of Ages, the Broadway musical. Do you think they appreciate the fact that a hit show like that took their song and ran with it? Or do you think the band doesn’t even care? It’s similar to songs like “Carry On My Wayward Son” with Guitar Hero, and others from movies and TV. When a song gets big into syndication on TV or in movies, that’s where a band can make a lot of money too. Rich is convinced that bands try to get their songs into shows and in movies, but Covino thinks they do it solely for the sake of rock n’ roll.


  • We have two friends in need today, the first has to do with getting caught watching porn. A listener was at his in-laws house and had some alone time (or so he thought” and decided to watch some adult entertainment. He was horrified to discover though that the whole time he had been watching it with headphones in, the sound was also coming over the phone’s speaker. To top it all off, the in-laws had come home and overheard the noise. How does he explain this one away? It will be awkward no matter what, but should he just come up with an excuse? Or maybe claim it was a pop-up.


  • The second friend in need has to do with parenting. A listener who wants to remain anonymous was having dinner with some friends. Both of the couples’ kids were playing together, but later in the night they were nowhere to be found. Our listener went upstairs to look for them and found his 3 year old daughter and their 6 year old son grinding each other in one of the bedrooms. Obviously the dad was furious, and scolded the little boy, and later in the night yelled at the boy’s parents. Now he feels they are being ghosted by this couple, whom they had been very close friends with. How can he remedy the situation? Or is it too far gone now?