Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 1-30-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 1/30/18

Show Topics

  • Taco Tuesday kicks off with talk of sunrises and dinosaurs. Covino thought he was in Jurassic Park for a second when he was driving in this morning, but turns out that beautiful purple and orange sky is due to pollution.

  • Rich tells the story of how Sara thought that Charles in Charge and Who’s the Boss were the same show; she thought Tony Danza was Scott Baio’s dad. This brings up the topic of butlers and maids on TV shows in the 80s, and how it always seemed that the butler was smarter than the actual family. They had a bit of wisdom in them, usually mixed with a sassy attitude. Why were there so many shows with similar characters and plot lines? Because networks saw a formula that worked and they ran with it. Other examples: The Jefferson’s, The Cosbys, and The Flintstones.
  • Rich is in a softball league that usually plays on the weekends, but at the moment they are all taking time off until the spring. One of the other guys in the league invited Rich to play in another league in the meantime. Only issue is that the league is basically a bunch of Vatos Locos playing. Rich made a joke during a game about Gem and the Holograms, and now all the guys are calling him Gem. I guess that’s one way to get a new nickname.


  • Camila Cabello wants people to start pronouncing her name correctly. Tom Brady wants people to stop calling his kids Piss-Ants. Joe Theismann wants his name to rhyme with Heisman. The Indians are getting rid of their mascot, and Quincy Jones is apparently dating 22 women, and they all know about each other. John Travolta loves Gold Toes, and the guys may be getting into yoga. Basically, there’s a lot of random news out there.



  • A young Canadian couple went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic and returned home to an absolute nightmare. While there, they had contracted hookworms in their feet and now have blisters, swollen feet, and veins everywhere. It’s honestly one of the most disgusting things we’ve seen in a while.


  • Rich has a story for everyone, and it has to do with fatherhood. He realized yesterday that he loves Emmy more than he loves himself, and it was all due to how he spent his afternoon of free time. He took her for a walk in her stroller, and after returning Sara went to run some errands. Before she left though, she realized that Emmy’s favorite toy was nowhere to be found. Rich, in his hour of free-time that he could of spent looking at smut or watching sports, decided that it was more important that he find this toy. He went and retraced their steps from the walk, went into stores in the mall, asked everyone he could if they’d seen this toy, but it was nowhere to be found. He came back home and after all that searching found the small elephant under a sweatshirt in the house. He gave up his free time to search for a lost toy for his daughter, that was when he realized that he loved Emmy more than himself.