Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-24-18

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 1/24/18

Show Topics

  • Katt Williams’ new Netflix special is hilarious, and the guy may be the sweatiest person alive, but it doesn’t seem like it’s for everyone. Rich was watching it last night, per the recommendation of Covino, and had to turn it off to film Emmy. Another great show on Netflix is Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s a real life look at what these people are like outside of the spotlight. Seinfeld hit the jackpot with it, because it’s a simple idea and he’s got huge names coming on. Rich isn’t a huge fan of the show though, and wants more characters than just basic conversation. That’s the shtick of the show though, it’s supposed to be simple, laid back, and real.


  • Mo’Nique is boycotting Netflix, along with Wanda Sykes, because they were offered significantly less money than powerhouses like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer. The only issue is that they don’t necessarily think they deserve the same amount of money as those names. When you’re a powerhouse comedian like that, you bring in viewers and that’s why people like Amy Schumer are making millions from each special they do. When you’re less known, and don’t have a very big following you are offered less money. It’s strictly business, and Netflix is just paying what they think is the correct amount for a B or C list celebrity.


  • Did anyone think that back in 2007 when you were getting DVDs in the mail via Netflix, that it would turn into the media powerhouse that it is today? Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are winning awards, and seem to be the biggest shows out there right now. Long gone are the days of going into a Blockbuster on a Friday night and grabbing a movie for date night. Now all of our content lives on these streaming platforms, so where will things go next?
  • Sara may have found the Gay Covino online. She first encountered him a few years ago at a Britney Spears show in Las Vegas, but then saw him in an online ad for Botox. After a bit of searching she was able to find him on Instagram, and sure enough it looks exactly like Covino, but just with a bit more femininity in his appearance. That, plus the guy is getting Botox done. It’s Glam-vino!


  • Rich saw an article a few days ago that listed 100 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do. A lot of the things on there are pretty straight forward; change a tire, hang a picture, change a light fixture, but there are a few things that the guys don’t know, but think that in the moment they could do if they had to. Treating a snakebite? Nope. Starting a campfire from scratch? No way. CPR? Probably not. The one thing they all agree on though is haggling for a car.