Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-23-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 1/23/18

Show Topics

  • Mark in CO calls the show to try and find out re he’s going to park his HOG when he comes to DBC9 in New York in June. The guys were 100% positive that he said it. We always seem to remember what we want to remember, even if it didn’t happen; it’s called the Madela Effect. It happens all the time in Entertainment too, everyone is convinced that Sinbad was in a movie called Shazaam and played a genie, but it was actually Shaq and it was called Kazaam. In Jaws they never say “We’re go need a bigger boat” and in Star Wars Darth Vader never says “Luke, I am your father.” We remember what we want, and when it comes to things like this, embellishment is very common.


  • The guys watched The Bachelor the other night, and they’ve got questions about whether or not sex is a deal breaker with a lot of the women. On the show they are all pretty secluded, and have no access to phones, but they are not allowed to hook-up with the Bachelor until the very end. So, does he have to make decisions early on, and just realize that a lot of the girls could be great at sex, but just not the right fit for him? What if by the end of the show the girls he has left are all bad at sex, what does he do then? A new topic arose from this week’s episode though, and it’s called “Glam Shaming.” Covino is convinced that the guys glam shame him all the time, so is this real?


  • Deion Sanders is promoting Botox now, and we’re a little confused. His before and after photos look the exact same, and wasn’t there always the saying “Black don’t Crack”? Why would Deion Sanders need botox if he looks totally fine as is? Maybe this is all just a plot by the botox company to have a fake spokesperson just to sell more of their product. One thing is for sure though, Rich will be the first person on our show to get Botox.


  • Rich was watching RAW last night and he realized that a lot of the plots and gimmicks are played out on the show. It seems like the hayday for wrestling is over, and there’s nowhere new for it to go. All the old wrestlers came back though, and it was kind of sad to see how old they all are, plus why was there no mention of Hulk Hogan altogether?
  • Louie Anderson stops by to promote the new season of Baskets on FX which airs tonight at 10PM> The guys talk about what it’s like to play a woman, what life is like on set, and reminisce about Family Feud and other shows he worked on during the 90s and 2000’s. Anderson tells us what it was like hosting Family Feud, and why the show goes through hosts so quickly. He loved working in the game show world and is currently working on one that is on every night.