Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-22-18

Covino & Rich— Monday, 1/22/18

Show Topics

  • The big news today is the NFL Championship games yesterday. Eagles destroyed the Vikings in a 34-7 victory, but the bigger game was the almost upset Patriots coming back to top the Jacksonville Jaguars in the last quarter, to head to their 6th Super Bowl with Brady at the helm. And while we’re on the subject, TOM BRADY really is the man! No other QB could consistently pull off these last minute comebacks like he does, which is probably why he’s in the Super Bowl and Bortles is not. These next two weeks must be the worst for the teams that lost in the last game before making it to the big stage though.


  • At a wedding is it better to go Band or DJ? The Show is all in agreement that Live Bands are always a better option, because they can actually get the crowd going. The guys went to a wedding on Friday, and the Spazzmaticks played 80s Jams that were absolutely awesome, so it justifies that a Live Band is always the better choice. But if Covino wants to steal the band for his own wedding, does that count as “biting”? He doesn’t want it to seem like he is just ripping off someone else’s wedding.

  • A guy may go to jail for following his wife to another man’s house and walking in on them while they were having sex. The man tracked his wife by following their iPad to the strangers house, then entered to look for it and found the two of them in bed. Is it the ultimate slap to the face too that he may now be facing jail time for trespassing on another man’s property?
  • Where is the line when it comes to throwing out a significant others belongings? Hamster J threw away some of Covino’s underwear, and he felt a little offended. Shouldn’t that be his decision to get rid of something? What if he did the same with some of her stuff? It completely seems like it is crossing a boundary if you don’t even check with the other person first though.
  • As you get older, if you don’t have kids what really are you living for in old age. Yes there is travel and hobbies, but isn’t it the joy of seeing your kids and grandkids grow up that keeps you going? In a similar discussion, apparently the age of adulthood is in question, because more and more kids are growing up slower. So is the new age of adulthood 24? Does that change the drinking age? What about voting and driving? It’s all up in the air at this point.