Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-18-18

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 1/18/18

Show Topics

  • We’re throwing it back on a Thursday with a talk about the early-2000s to start off the show. Remember the scene from 40 Year Old Virgin when Steve Carrell yells out Kelly Clarkson’s name while getting waxed? Apparently the two just met for the first time last week. Rich is going to be doing the Pop2k Weekend Countdown, but he needs ideas for a catchphrase to sign off with. Any ideas? He needs to be up there with the other decade channel countdowns if he wants to compete.
  • Do you think aliens could exist? There was a cave discovered underwater in Mexico that is over 200 miles long, which leads the guys to believe that with so much space still to be discovered in the world, there has to be some evidence of Aliens out there. If Aliens do exist, does that mean that other things like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster could also be real? It seems like we have this technology and capability, yet every photo that comes out of them is always blurry. Maybe it’s a disguising mechanism, and they really are just blurry in real life? Even CNN years ago did coverage of a story that was about finding the real bigfoot, so does that add credibility to the myth?
  • Remember the show Forensic Files? It used to deal with unsolved mysteries, and cases that were solved because of a minor detail that may have been missed. We’re leading our own “Forensic Files” investigation today, but ours have to do with cheaters. There was always some trail that the other person in the relationship could follow that lead to them finding out. Covino even had a story of how a photograph lead to him getting in trouble as a child. Also, apparently there are cameras out there with photos of Rich that he thinks are lost forever, but at some point they will creep back to haunt him in the future. Years ago there was a story who was accused of murder, but he claimed he was at a Dodgers game with his son. There was no evidence to support him, except for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that was filming at the stadium that day. Turns out, he was in the background of the show all along!
  • Pornhub stats plummeted and then skyrocket when Hawaii heard that they were about to be destroyed by a missile. The site’s stats dropped 70% when the alert came that a missile was on its way towards the island, 45 minutes later when the false alarm was cleared up the website’s stats skyrocketed to more than 50% above average. Just goes to show you that in times of crisis, the people of Hawaii really know how to celebrate surviving a nuclear apocalypse.
  • Rich is tired of people saying that they feel like they’re getting old. If you’re not in your 80s, you’re not old! Yes, you can’t eat the way you used to once you turn 30, but that should just push people to be healthier. How do you stay young though? Apparently yoga is the key to staying fit and flexible. Stretching is the key to everything, just look at Ichiro!