Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-16-18

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 1/16/18

Show Topics

  • Covino and Rich are back for another Taco Tuesday and today were talking about shoes. More specifically, waterproofing shoes and why that’s important. Covino went out and bought new shoes at Foot Locker, when he got home he went to waterproof them with a spray. It’s is supposed to keep the shoes from getting dirty or dinged up, but Rich, Spot, and Jake have never heard or done it. He sprayed them with it, let them sit overnight, and then went to put them on the next morning. Only issue was, he overdid it with the waterproofing spray and now his new black shoes had a coat of white all on them. So how does he fix it? Apparently with rubbing alcohol.


  • Aziz Ansari is still in the news because more and more information is coming out regarding the woman who is accusing him of sexual misconduct. Female reporters and activists are criticizing the unnamed accuser of blowing what was all-in-all a bad date way out of proportion. Also, this type of thing would be a career-ending move for someone in the comedy world, so it had added layers of danger. Luckily for Ansari, as well as James Franco who is in a similar situation, the media and public seems to see right through these accusations.


  • The pussification of America is in full effect, and now more than ever it’s starting to look like there’s no going back. Millenials are complaining about everything from the way we refer to friends and family, to reruns of old sitcoms like FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother, and even to the point of calling out magazines for saying they didn’t want to use specific models. It’s gotten to the point where any little thing they can find to complain about they will, and it just keeps getting worse.


  • Rich had an emotional moment watching episodes of The Goldbergs last night. He has been binging the series over the past few days, and the more he watches it the more he realizes that the 80s are really over. That time has come and gone, and now with the new world we live in, it doesn’t look like it’ll ever be able to go back. It got to the point that he actually texted a bunch of his buddies to talk about it, and Sara even had to stop him from watching more. Apparently though, this is not just Rich, and everyone who watches the show ends up crying by the end.