Covino & Rich Show Recap: 1-12-18

Covino & Rich— Friday, 1/12/18

Show Topics

  • Covino saw a promo for Honey Boo Boo while prepping for the show and one thing really stuck out to him: they’re calling Mama June the “From Not to Hot” version, and the guys are wondering whether she still even makes the cut. It’s great that she lost all the weight, and that she’s being healthier, but she still doesn’t seem to come across as what we would qualify as Hot, especially with all the girls all over Instagram that you can see on a daily basis.


  • Today’s big news is that Donald Trump apparently called Africa and Haiti “shitholes” and that’s got the media in a frenzy. It may just be because all the anchors now get top say “shithole” on live television, but it also has to do with the fact that he basically inferred that the US doesn’t want people from those countries and would rather have people from places like Norway. Does that turn it into a race argument? It sure seems like it to us.


  • Covino went out to dinner with Hamster J the other night in Malibu, and they had an amazing time. But during the course of the meal, another guest at the restaurant started talking to them and giving them suggestions on where else to go. Covino interacted with him to be polite, and because he bought them a nice dessert, but after the meal was over, the guy would not stop texting him about when they were all going to hang out again. What should Covino do? Should he just ghost him? Or should he flat out say he doesn’t want to see him again? Also, could it have been that the guy was actually trying to impress his date more than him?


  • Rich is finally ready to admit that he may be addicted to gambling, but not in a bad way. He enjoys it for the rush it gives him and the money he wins, but it brings up the debate, when does a hobby become an addiction? Rich is so into betting on sports games as well as all of the cryptocurrency stuff, it seems like he enjoys his gambling maybe a little too much. So is it a problem or not?