Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-21-17

Covino & Rich— Thursday, 12/21/17

Show Topics

  • It’s our last day before the holiday break, so we just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, but first, what are the worst Christmas songs? You know, the ones that sound like no effort at all was put in? The Beach Boys are on the list with The Man with all the Toys, but what are others that people seem to hate? There’s a John Lennon one that Rich hates, and any that have that mousey voice seem to be pretty annoying. One thing is for sure: The Songs BOP all suck BOP the rest of the year BOP!


  • A woman posted a video of herself shaving her head when she had a bad hair day. It was something she always wanted to do, but is this taking it a little too far? For a guy to shave their head it’s nothing because that hair will grow back in a month or two, but for a woman it could take years to grow back to the point they want. Most women will dye their hair or cut it a little if they want a change, but shaving it may be too far. Sara dyed her hair once and Rich didn’t like it, but it took a while before she got it to a point where she liked it. So should women be a little more careful when making these major life decisions, just because you’re having a bad hair day.


  • Die Hard is once and for all a Christmas movie, it takes place around the holidays, it has Christmas elements in it, and at the end there is even Christmas music. Rich was unsure of whether he wanted to consider it a Christmas movie, it seemed like it was just what all guys said was their favorite because they want to seem manly, but a few friends pointed out all the Christmas elements to him last night, and now he finally agrees that Die Hard is and always will be a Christmas movie.



  • UFOs are coming up again, because Covino saw one in his bedroom last night! What if humans were sent to Earth from another planet because we were the rejects from that planet? Like somehow we weren’t as smart, and so they shipped us off to get rid of us, sort of how people used to do with a crazy uncle? And to add to this theory, what if Area 51 is the aliens airport when they are coming to and from space? That would make a lot of sense as to why it’s so heavily guarded. Maybe aliens and alien sightings are really just the aliens coming here to check on us and see if we’ve gotten any smarter at all.



  • Rich has decided he is quitting clickbait because it is always so misleading, and always disappointing when you click on an article thinking it is one thing, and then are taken to some totally different website with nothing to do with the original title. Also, half the time the image you were clicking on the link to see isn’t even included in the article, or if it is, it’s the last one. Therefore, Rich is quitting clickbait, and hopefully he’ll be a better man for it.