Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-20-17

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 12/20/17

Show Topics

  • It’s the last day of Hanukkah, and the guys are reminiscing about all of their Jewish friends over the years. Why is it that all of their bosses over the years have been Jewish? Maybe because they were in New York? Covino’s only problem with them is when they’re on a plane and have to take up a full overhead compartment just for their hat. What’s the deal with that? Why does it have to stay perfectly in place with nothing else even touching it?
  • Rich has a problem with a thread that was on the CARL page yesterday, in which a listener said that his talk about money and investing wasn’t relatable to the average every day guy. They also called him out for being a big spender, but why should he care if it’s his money? There is a different cost of living for people who live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles versus somewhere in the middle of Kansas. You should never feel embarrassed for your own success, no matter how others may feel about it.
  • A bunch of sports news has come out in the last few days, but the top story is probably that P Diddy and Colin Kaepernick are looking to buy the Carolina Panthers. Only issue is that it costs a lot of money to own an NFL franchise, and neither one of them probably has enough to do it alone. In UFC news, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is considering coming out of retirement to fight again, even if it’s just to make a few more million dollars. There are also rumors out there that Vince McMahon may bring back the XFL.
  • In a holiday hypothetical, do you enjoy getting homemade and heartfelt gifts more or would you rather just get a gift card? It seems like the homemade gift would carry more meaning, and even bring a greater sense of Joy, but the person would really have to put work into it. The gift card kind of just seems lazy and sort of like the person doesn’t care.
  • Who is the main driver in the relationship? Usually it seems like the men are the ones doing most of the driving, but we are not opposed to letting women drive us around. Why would you care if you have a pretty decent driver willing to give you a ride all over. What if you want to do something in the car like look at your phone or check social media? That’s where being a passenger comes in handy.
  • A young kid called the cops because he thought the Grinch was ACTUALLY going to steal Christmas. Is that just the cutest story ever? He actually thought that the movie was real, and that they were going to come steal his presents, and the cops treated the kid really well.