Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-19-17

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 12/19/17

Show Topics

  • Rich is live from NYC today, and is really not feeling up to it. He realized that he hates New York in the winter, because he just can’t stand the cold anymore. He may have the same thing that Covino had yesterday, maybe it just hit him a little later. He even woke up at 3 AM with the chills and had to take a hot shower just to warm up. He realized that he’s become too much of a Californian and now can’t stand cold weather anymore. How do old people in NYC deal with the cold when they could move somewhere warmer like Florida?
  • The Pentagon confirmed that there is a division of the government dedicated to tracking UFOs, and footage has even been released of Navy pilots encountering a weird flying object, so could it be that we’re not alone after all? Or could it be that we’ve already been visited and didn’t even know it? Maybe our show will be big in another galaxy or on another planet, maybe that’s where we belong.


  • There’s a 30 day sex challenge put on by Bravo in which you have to have sex 30 days in a row, is that possible? Covino thinks that after a few days it would take too much out of you to the point where you just wouldn’t be able to perform. Rich says he could do it, but only if it was with a different girl every day. That way it would be more exciting and wouldn’t get old as quickly.


  • There are a bunch of random news stories out there, the girl from Full House is no longer getting child support because she’s making too much money, Spot’s health this year put everything into perspective this year, there’s a story of a baby born with two penises and they cut off the second one. Kobe Bryant’s jerseys were retired, two for the two parts of his career, and Gene Simmons is the newest name to come out in the sexual misconduct accusations, who would’ve guessed?
  • Matt Lauer is back in the news because new details are coming out about his situation, and now Matt Damon is catching a lot of slack because he said that people shouldn’t compare someone patting someone else on the butt to claims of rape and molestation. Is he right, they are two clearly different things so maybe he’s right?
  • There was a girl on the train last night with Rich who got yogurt on her shoe and made a big deal about it to her boyfriend. Rich literally felt for the guy as she yelled at him, and as he watched the situation progress it just made him even happier that he didn’t have to ride the New York subway anymore.