Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-18-17

Covino & Rich— Monday, 12/18/17

Show Topics

  • Covino tells us the story of his weekend, spent laid up sick after he ate cake on Saturday. He was out shopping afterwards and had to run to the restroom in a rush because he felt something coming on. Only issue was the place he decided to go had one of the code lock doors. After getting the code from the register girl, he goes to the bathroom and as he’s “cleaning up” another man walks in the bathroom, on what would probably be anyone’s nightmare. Cove then had to rush out to go meet his group, and when asked about where he was just said he had to pick something up. It was definitely the cake that made him sick though, because Rich had some too and didn’t feel well either.


  • The guys discuss when is the right time to walk around naked. Covino thinks that a guy should always cover up no matter what, but Rich thinks that occasional nudity is not an issue. Spot thinks that both guys are weird though, and is modestly naked in front of his wife, whereas Covino says to never let any woman see the “acorn”
  • Rich has his own embarrassing Christmas story, but his involves Christmas cards. He went to Target to pick up some Christmas cards after he used Simply to Impress to make some with Emmy but didn’t have enough. He decided to print out one of his friend passed out drunk with his butt hanging out which said “Don’t be scared of big things coming your way in 2018!” but when he went to Target to pick it up it wasn’t there. He had to describe it to the lady at the desk which was incredibly embarrassing.
  • There was a very controversial play over the weekend during the Steelers v. Patriots game in which a catch was ruled as incomplete instead of a touchdown which changed the whole outcome of the game, and now has a lot of people angry. That leads us into who’s angrier the Steelers fan watching Sunday’s game or the Uber driver whose passenger won’t get out of his car. Also, Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, and Casey Kasem are definitely in the running too.


  • When buying gifts for significant others is it important to go big? Or should you treat every day like it’s a holiday, that way when holidays do come around it’s nothing new. Rich thinks that gifts shouldn’t be a big deal, and that if you want something just get it for yourself instead of waiting for someone else to buy it for you. Christmas gifts are really about the kids anyways, so why should the adults make a big deal about it?