Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-13-17

Covino & Rich—Wednesday, 12/13/17

Show Topics

  • Rich learned that those little chocolate coins Jews eat this time of year is called gelt. It also came to his attention that bar and bat mitzvahs are not a common thing to people of the Midwest, in fact, Jewish people aren’t a common thing to the Midwest. Spot looked up the stats and apparently the states with the highest population of Jews are California and New York. Covino says he’s not surprised because that’s where the money is. Speaking of Jews, in the face of defeat Roy Moore’s wife gave a speech defending her husband, claiming, “even our attorney is a Jew”. Rich comments that putting an “a” in front of any ethnicity (a Mexican, a Jew) makes it sound bad. Also, aren’t all attorney’s Jewish?
  • Idiot girl—a twitter persona, not name-calling—went off on Rich and Covino for spending 20 minutes on the Jami Cantor story, speculating “what she did wrong for guys to treat her like this”. The guys want to clarify that that wasn’t at all what they were saying, they were just analyzing the greatest common factor here. In most allegation claims against powerful men and sexual harassment, it’s been multiple women against a single character. But here, it’s one woman making the same claim against several male coworkers. Rich clarifies that it is a little questionable, and regardless people should be able to ask questions without being accused of something.
  • Great memes/poor planning/face swapping for frolicking: Keaton the bullied has super supremacist parents. His dad has ‘white pride’ and ‘purebreed’ tattooed on him. The best meme is of a black guy shedding a tear for Keaton, and when he hears about Keaton’s parents the tear goes up in reverse. In other sad-but-gawk-worthy news, a famous daredevil/stuntman was hanging off the side of a 62 story building doing pull ups. But, he realizes he can’t do the last pull up to get back on top of the building-plummeting to his death. On a better note, new technology allows you to face swap anyone’s face with people in porn videos.
  • Friend in need: Rich’s ‘relative’(mom) has been asking him to pray for her and the mortgage problems she’s been having. But out of nowhere, her mother in law asked to live with them, offering to use her social security checks to go towards the mortgage. Perfect! Right? Wrong. His ma doesn’t want to live with that ‘nightmare’ 80  year old, and despite Rich’s advice, the listeners seem to agree: when it comes to living with in-laws, the answer is hell