Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-12-17

Covino & Rich—Tuesday 12/12/17

Show Topics

  • Bitcoin has really begun to blow up, but is it all happening too late for anyone to make any real money? Early investors are the ones who will be cleaning up at the end of it all, after they’ve made their millions, but for anyone whose invested in the past few weeks it may be too late to cash out. Jake and Tata are two who may have gotten in too late. They’ve made a few extra bucks, but they only put in about $100 so they won’t end up making much. The Bitcoin bubble may be bursting soon, but no one can tell when.
  • We have an update on the Keaton Jones story from the day before; basically he was being bullied and his mother posted an emotional video of him crying in the car, but now there is evidence that his mother may have had some racist photos on her Facebook, and now the boy is the one suffering and the issue of bullying is being lost in the controversy. She was holding a confederate flag which a lot of people are viewing as racist, but she has been defending herself online saying that she is not and never has been a racist.
  • Is the Blooming Onion the most signature dish from Outback Steakhouse? Rich thinks he would be able to finish one all on his own, but everyone else knows that it is a dish that is meant to be shared between 4 or more people. If you live in a big city the prices at Outback are definitely jacked up a bit, but if you go in the suburbs you’ll end up paying half the price.
  • Covino finally realized that there is a difference between cheap Hanes underwear and a nicer brand like Saxx, after he tried on his new Saxx briefs he said they were perfect apart from one thing. The legs tend to bunch up a little bit when you wear them, which can make it uncomfortable, but otherwise they feel like your groin is resting on a cloud.
  • There’s a new scandal coming out that involves Jamie Cantor, a reporter for NFL Network, is accusing multiple men of sexual assault, including Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, and others. The evidence is definitely there, from text messages to photos sent to her, and it really puts these guys into a bad light. But the reporter was also fired from the company a few months ago, so this could all just be revenge for them letting her go without warning.