Covino & Rich Show Recap: 12-11-17

Covino & Rich—Monday 12/11/17

Show Topics

  • SPOTS BACK BABY! We’re getting whipped back into shape. Along with the long-awaited return comes the waterfall of questions, how is he recovering? How does he feel? Was he afraid he was going to die before going under for the surgery? Does he feel like a changed man not being able to indulge in meats and cheeses? He’s fine, he’s doing well, has to move slowly for the next month and not belly-laugh too hard, he didn’t really have time to be afraid because it happened so fast, the healthier diet is better in the long-run and more than bearable, now what are has been going on with the show logs?
  • The Christmas Card Mystery – Rich found a Christmas card from the Tanner’s that Sarah had opened. That’s sweet, but who the f*ck are the Tanners? Sara didn’t know, Rich didn’t know, and his Facebook searches got him nowhere. But Rich’s neurotic tendencies wouldn’t let him move on—he spent an entire day racking his mind, finally to the point where he went out to the trash and dug through the doo-doo diapers and spoiled deli meats, to find the envelope that the Tanners had sent,  maybe a return address would give clue to who these elusive Tanners are. He finds the envelope only to realize, it’s not the return address that matters at all—the envelope is addressed to the previous owners of the Rich’s house. A whole afternoon wasted for nothing. NOTHING.
  • Some meta-mind benders for ya this morning – the largest banking system doesn’t use any actual cash. The largest social media owner produces no content. The largest taxi service doesn’t own any cars. Bitcoin, Facebook, Uber, these are all massive markets that use people to fulfill what the promise they market. Speaking of Bitcoin, no one feels in between about it—you’re either a fan or you think it’s a scheme. It’s odd that no one knows who created Bitcoin, but it can’t be a totally empty scam, because have already made money off of it. Which makes the guys wonder, what’s next?
  • Quick shout out to more modern innovation—vagina panties. Picture really tight latex biker shorts with a cup that has a hole in it, so guys can experience what it’s like from the other end of things. Incredible. What will 2018 bring.
  • Quinton Jefferson almost beat up a “fan” who threw some cups at him as he was brought off the field. It raises an issue that even Covino and Rich have experienced themselves, that when you work for a larger company or highly publicized job, people seem to dissociate you from the fact that you’re a human.