Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-27-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 9/27/17

Show Topics

  • When was the last time you went to church? For the guys it’s been a while, but as Covino said, if he ends up with a religious girl he may have to start going again. The guys grew up going to church every Sunday, but now church has bands and donuts and coffee so it’s more like a get together than anything else. The guys also have to decide whether they will start taking their kids to church in a few years, even if they’re not very religious. There is also a dark side to religion, that is shown in documentaries and films as of recent. At the end of the day if it’s something you’re into, if it makes you feel good, you can go for it, but don’t judge those who do or don’t go. Also, why are Jewish people referred to as Jewish, and not their ethnicity?
  • Villanueva, a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers came out of the tunnel for the national anthem on accident. He was a former soldier who wanted to see the flag during the anthem, and instead accidently wandered out of the tunnel, and once he was out he couldn’t really go back inside. Now he is getting a lot of backlash from both sides saying he stabbed his teammates in the back, and others are saying he still wasn’t doing enough. He has since explained what and why he did it. But should he get criticized so harshly for doing something possibly on accident.


  • What do you think of women who have a butt that is a different color from their butthole. It’s very unattractive, why would people think it would look attractive? Or why would they think they don’t need to take care of it. Covino seems to think the bigger the butt the more this occurs. It has to do with the friction in-between the two cheeks, and causes there to be a difference in coloration of the different areas. It also has to do with diet.
  • Dean sends in an email about his buddy, who may be getting catfished. She does not want to meet up, and does not want to talk on the phone, it’s more likely it is a catfish situation. She sent a 15 second video of herself saying hello, but there are ways to fake those things. The indicators are all there, and especially if the photos look like stock photos, those are all indicators. It’s a good indicator, but it’s not a deal sealer.
  • Allegations have come out that brands are paying players and families to send their kid to a certain school for the promotional value. According to a report, apparently Adidas paid a player’s family $100,000 to send their son to a certain school. The head coach is out, and it’s for taking bribes like this. It’s always been a rumor that schools would get potential signees strippers and hookers, but that was never actually confirmed. Now with this story coming out, it’s a real deal.



  • Why is it that our show is the one that seems to fall through the cracks? We don’t get promotion on other shows, and even when we try to get promotion, they throw us to the side. We want more supporters, and we want to come to see you guys, to see the listeners and meet them, but the company won’t get behind it.
  • Who should play young John McClane in the new Die Hard? Bruce Willis will be in it as an older John McClain, but they need to cast someone as a younger John McClain. They have to pick someone who looks enough like Bruce Willis, and who is established enough to not screw it up.