Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-26-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 9/26/17


Amber Stevens West – promoting her new show Ghosted on FOX

Show Topics

  • Covino went to a Hibachi restaurant last night and realized that in order for you to have an authentic and enjoyable experience at a place like this, it helps when the staff are actually from the country where the food is from. He hates seeing other ethnicities cooking his Japanese food or Mexican food. In order to have a truly good meal, you have to get someone who knows and understands the culture. It’s almost as if these people are imposters taking jobs away from others.
  • Rich hated that someone on the CARL page made a comment about his beard, or lack thereof. Spot brings up a good point that what Rich has is more of a stubble, and they dispute what actually makes a beard a beard. Does it matter how long it is? Or does the fact that you simply have facial hair constitute a beard. One listener even comments that in order to call it a beard you have to be able to get more than just crumbs stuck in it.


  • There is a story out there that is getting a lot of attention, regarding Ian Somerhalder, the actor from Vampire Diaries and Lost, throwing away his wife’s birth control. Is it right that he did this just so that they would have to have unprotected sex? Or does the fact that they are actually trying to have a baby change this? People are getting really offended by his actions, but in the end if they are trying to have kids they shouldn’t be using birth control anyways right?


  • Vagina Beer is a new trend that seems to be coming out, and the guys are not sure how they really feel about it. It is a beer made with the yeast from a woman’s vagina, which makes both of them skeptical as to the sanitary levels in the beer. It really just sounds like a new product that this company is trying to push to make it go viral.


  • Amber Stevens West joins the show to discuss her new series GHOSTED premiering this Sunday on FOX. They discuss her previous work, what is was like to work with people like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, and her background in radio with her father. The series focuses around two guys who are forced into a sort of ‘Men in Black’ type scenario, and Amber plays the weapons technician.