Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-14-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 9/14/17


Oscar De La Hoya – promoting Canelo v GGG fight this weekend (on site)

Show Topics

  • Covino & Rich live from Las Vegas for Triple G vs Canelo fight this weekend


  • Jim Carrey deep thoughts – Covino and Tata really related to Jim Carrey’s views in the viral clip from yesterday, the “what does it all mean” mentality really spoke to them, what’s really important in life, the guys are hanging in Vegas for a fight so what does that mean, coincidences in life, little things that have small impacts


  • Dicky’s Deep Thought – where does the toilet paper go from hotel rooms? Every time you stay in a hotel room the unused paper has to go somewhere, people call in and tell us that sometimes it gets put in the public restrooms in the hotel, sometimes people take it home or it gets donated, same with unused signs from events, they might be repurposed or sold






  • Stepping up your underwear game – Covino rocks “los Hanes” but this might be lame when you’re trying to impress a girl, hanes has the name around the waist band, talk about if girls really care about what men are wearing, as men we care about what women wear, it’s the equivalent of her wearing big briefs, guys share some of their favorite brands, we have to investigate SAXX or MyPackage


  • Sharing a hotel room with the opposite sex – Tata has a room to herself in Vegas and Jake might head there to join her, ok when members of the opposite sex share a room, when you’re single does it imply something sexual could happen, how does the vibe change when you’re in a relationship or married
  • Oscar De La Hoya stops by – retired boxer and now Golden Boy promoter talks about the fight this weekend, he’s pumped to see his fighter Canelo take out Triple GGG, we ask him about sharing a room with the opposite sex, he always reveals that when it comes to underwear, he’s Oscar De La NADA!