Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-13-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 9/13/17

Show Topics

  • iPhone X announcement – The new iPhone was announced yesterday, and the iPhone X looks amazing. It looks like it’ll be a totally upgraded version of the iPhone. Covino though, is not impressed by the new phone though. He will be making the switch to IPhone soon, but he doesn’t care if it’s the newest one. Even some of the features on the new phone, like facial recognition, don’t impress him. With him making the switch though, we will soon find out whether all of Covino’s phone problems are phone related or user related.




  • The advancement of sex dolls. Are people going take it too far, there are now male sex dolls, which Vice did a documentary, and it just seems like a regular dude. She likes being in control and feels one with this doll. There are also men falling in love with a moaning sex doll. The doll looks and acts realistic and even can be put into a family mode. Will we have to accept robot sex dolls as a thing, will this be more accepted in 25 years?



  • Is Jim Carrey losing his mind – Jim Carrey had a weird interview with E at the red carpet of Fashion Week in which he claimed that nothing mattered and everyone was pointless. Is he having some sort of mental break? Is this something we should all be worried about? Or is this just Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey?



  • The Chainsmokers made a joke in China about not bringing their dog there because the Chinese have been known to eat dog. Now they are getting a ton of backlash for insinuating that they eat dog, but if it’s true does it matter that they made a joke about it?