Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-12-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 9/12/17

Show Topics

  • Sergio Dipp rage – Last night on Monday Night Football Sergio Dipp premiered on the sidelines. People quickly jumped on social media to talk about why he was funny, and why he just didn’t fit in. Is it racist though to say this? He works typically on ESPN Deportes, and English is a second language for him. So why is there so much criticism of him online? People took his language barrier out of context, and didn’t realize this was a foreign commentator, people were split on this


  • Return of Hank Williams Jr – Hank Williams Jr returned to singing ESPN’s Monday Night Football theme after a hiatus for certain comments, What did you think about bringing back Hank Williams Jr. for Monday Night Football? This is the first time in years since he has been back, he was kicked off the show when he made a Barack Obama and Hitler reference on FOX. But now he is back, and the reaction was so hate-filled because of what he said. Why do people give him so much grief and not people like Chris Brown or Kanye West? In the end, it’s a theme song for a football game. You can’t pick and choose who you like for what they say on and off the field or stage, other examples of musicians who committed a crime, does it make you like their music any less


  • Friend In Need from Tyler in Wisconsin – his wife seems to not be attracted to him. They’ve been married 7 years and have a child, but in the past three years they’ve only had sex twice. So how does he get her to want him again? Is there something he can do, or is this just a no hope situation. You will either start resenting the other person, or move on to a new person which could be even worse.