Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-11-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 9/11/17

Show Topics

  • The NFL has brought back celebrations to the game, and there has been some pretty funny videos online making fun of it. These rules are so simple, but they are bound to be broken early on, just because the players are going to push it as far as they can. There were some pretty great games yesterday though in week 1 in the NFL. Rich won a little bit of money as well, betting on teams this weekend, and it’s exciting to see football back again.





  • The Morning Men had a question this morning: The NFL is ______? Is it better, worse, the same? Most of the feedback is that it’s worse, but it all totally depends on how well your team is doing. But it also seems like everything “used to be better.” It’s the constant longing for the past. The only thing that’s better now is public transportation and travel.
  • People are either concerned about staying in shape or completely aren’t. But in order to get that ripped body means you have to commit to being healthy all around. Covino and Rich both had donuts this weekend, and that can’t happen if you want that ripped physique. Covino saw a guy at a table of four as well this weekend, on his own, and he was taking up seats from people who could’ve actually used them.
  • Professor Cheek Splitter’s tip of the day – show the girls the magnum condom and they’ll be impressed, There is a difference in the different condoms types. With Magnums, Covino believes there is a significant difference in fit, size, and design. But according to studies and an interview with the Trojan marketing department, Magnum condoms fit no different than others. It does not make a difference when you pull out a condom whether it’s a Magnum or not.





  • Sad storm stories – What about people who take advantage of storms like this to try and commit crimes. There was one during the hurricane, who robbed a man and shot him dead for no reasons. People will loot, rob, and use storms like this to try and get away with crimes that they can’t do during normal times. Honestly these people are the worst type of humans though


  • Millennial mindset on marriage seems to see it as not worth it. There are a bunch who see it as the first marriage is for money, the second is for love, and the third is for companionship. This mindset is that they’ve seen these marriages fail in their young lives, and they don’t see it as worth it. Social media also plays a major role, in that now people can see on the internet all the other stuff that’s out there.


  • What is the line that is too far for women hanging out with guy friends. What if a guy pulls out his balls as a joke? Is that too far? There has to be a line in the sand, especially if you are dating the woman who is hanging out with these guys. How do you tell her she can’t see these guys anymore?