Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-8-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 9/8/17

Show Topics

  • Salmon Arm, BC Canada – a listener texts us from Salmon Arm BC.  We become enthralled with the town and talk about it.  Leads into our road trip discussion
  • We are planning a big Covino and Rich road trip, but we are debating where we should start. Maybe we should start in Canada, but which city. We have a plan in the works and it will be five cities. A week in October we will be setting out on a road trip, and stopping in Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City. Excited to get back out on the road, and those small towns just weren’t worth it. The people from the small towns will travel to big cities.

  • Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida, and people are trying to save what they can. What would people save if they only had to grab a few things, most people would say family photos. They are peoples most cherished memories, and people want to keep them around.



  • Thursday night football was such an upset, the Patriots seemed to have it in the bag, and then the Chiefs came back and dominated in the end. It may be because Brady doesn’t have all his best receivers, and needs them to really change the game. They will be fine, but it was just a shocker to see them lose.
  • The Mark in Colorado movie will be a movie about him trying to deliver meals into the Hurricane. It’s going to be a massive summer blockbuster, but it’s going to all end with Mark having no one to deliver to.
  • Big news in that Tata is leaving the show now that she is full time. She will be moving over to the EW channel to help out but she will be sorely missed. It will be hard to move on and no one can replace her, but it is great to see her grow and she her move forward in her career.
  • Petty revenge tactics to get back at your friends, co-workers, or whoever it may be. Doing something so petty, like putting glue under a car door handle, or leaving an “upper-decker” in the toilet. These acts seem so childish, but they can be so fulfilling.


  • Secondary gain, is it something that really matters, or does forcing it make it look bad. Really in the long run you are doing good for someone, but if you have to  post something to make yourself look good it doesn’t really count.