Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-7-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 9/7/17


Rob Corddry – promoting season finale of Ballers on HBO

Show Topics

  • Football is back tonight, and fantasy football is locked and loaded. What do you do though when you don’t have a team you passionately root for? Do you just pick a team and that’s it, or can you switch teams as you move around? You don’t have to live in a city to root for the team, but you shouldn’t really root for a team you’ve never been around or been to the city of. When you’re a kid you can pick and switch teams, but once you become an adult you either have to stick with your team or you go geographically. When you move cities you can build a new loyalty to a team, but if you’re a lifelong fan and at age 50
  • Excessive gambling – Gambling Addiction is causing one of the biggest radio hosts in NY to go to jail, after he got in bad with his addiction. Gambling addiction definitely ranks up there with alcohol and drug addiction, and when you see people gambling away that much money, it really is sad. Addiction to caffeine is another one. Betting comes with strong odds that you will lose, so the disease really is there.


  • Covino went to the doctor yesterday to try and figure out what happened to him the other night when he couldn’t breathe. Things really are starting to add up. It was his blood pressure, it was 140 over 101, and they gave him some places to check out for sleep apnea. It was the right thing to do, probably just high stress, high anxiety. It’s incredible what stress does to the body.
  • What would you do if the girl you were dating was a Cam girl? What if they did porn or were a prostitute? Does it make a difference to you, or does it not matter at all. Tom, who married a prostitute, makes a good point that as people we sometimes need to do what we can to get by. You simply must decide whether you will let this change you or will you let it go.
  • Rob Corddry stops by – promoting season 3 finale of ballers, chimes in on cam girl friend in need, What would Rob Corddry be doing if he wasn’t an actor? Maybe a writer, it was something he always wanted to do. He’s so iconic in the asshole-ish role and it seems like he is one of the main guys being cast in these roles.