Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-5-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 9/5/17

Show Topics

  • Covino had a weird dream last night, he’s really been having trouble sleeping, and it began with this weird dream involving death. He was unable to breathe, he was unable to speak or move, it really felt like he was dying. He totally freaked out the person he was in bed with, he freaked himself out, it may have been having a panic attack or a night terror.
  • Rich headed to Temecula this weekend for a long weekend away with Sara. They went on a few wine tastings, some were good and some were bad, but overall a good weekend. Also, getting wine drunk is a very specific type of drunk, and even can make a girl a little more frisky. No one really understands wine tasting


  • Rich’s romantic gesture – decided to make a playlist from the time he and his wife started dating for their road trip to Temecula, Do you ever make playlists for a drive or situation? Like making a playlist of all the hit songs from the year you and your significant other met. It literally can be so amazing and heartbreaking at the same time, but most of the time it sets a perfect mood.
  • Cropdusting on Hard Knocks – guy on Tampa Bay Bucs said he was cropdusting the field in a new promo, reminds us of Covino’s infamous bar cropdusting story and George Brett shitting his pants


  • New study loses hope for guys on Tinder and Bumble – Dating sites are becoming more and more exclusive, after a study done on Tinder and Bumble, they found that the top 20% of women are getting hit up by 80% of men and vice versa. So is online dating even worth it anymore if it’s not really realistic? The thrill comes in winning someone over. What about strippers? When you’re not even winning and paying for it, does it count?


  • Utah Nurse arrest – The story of the Nurse who was arrested over the weekend for refusing to give a blood sample to a cop. The debate has blown up on social media, and everyone seems to be in agreement that the cop was in the wrong here. But should the woman sue for retribution? That seems to be the new debate that is arising.


  • Taylor Swift at her best friend’s wedding used a giant black blanket to block paparazzi, and it was actually one of the greatest moves ever to get back at the annoying photographers.