Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-1-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 9/1/17

Show Topics

  • 80s & 90s bands and boobs in movies – Talking 80s and 90s movies and movie bands, ranging from The Wedding to 80s bands. Then they move to titty movies from the 80s and 90s. The way the 80s and 90s played around a lot with the group nude scenes and nudity in general, and the boobs were amazing because they were real. Somehow, the connection went all the way from movie bands to movie boobs in 45 minutes.


  • Rich is going on Vacation with his wife for the first time since having the baby, and the pressure is on, This is a make or break weekend for them, but no matter what it will be nice to just get some alone time. Things will be crazy this weekend, with it being a holiday, and it sure to be hot! Rich might borrow some “BoneCrusherX” pills from Jason Ellis that help you last 72 hours
  • Poop Enforcer juice – Yesterday Rich went to Kreation juices and bought a drink called Poop Enforcer, then while trying to move the bed to Spot’s house went to the bathroom a pooped SEVEN TIMES. Over the course of like 6 hours he was in and out of the bathroom constantly, and probably lost 5 pounds.


  • Foodie Calls – New trend where women will use men for free meals at nice restaurants all over. They will match with people on Tinder and Bumble and get the guys to take them to a really nice restaurant, then try to get as much free stuff out of them as you possibly can. They are called Hobosexuals or the Sexless Innkeeper.


  • Lending Money to a family member or friend – The Friend In Need of Farracito and Felippe, one brother keeps borrowing money from the other brother, and it seems like he will never pay the money back. How do you fix this? You have to break the patterns and let them figure out how to live on their own. Is family really there to condone these terrible means? Or is there a point where you cut off friends and family when they come to you for money.