Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-31-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 8/31/17

Show Topics

  • Throwback Thursday! Looking back at 80s and 90s games that affected the generation, including Game Boys and Tetris. The system was the symbol of a generation. What other trends came from that time that were iconic? Stretch Armstrong, Hot Wheels, and all the crazy Nerf products
  • Mike Tyson was definitely the dominating boxer of the 80s and 90s. No matter who he faced, he was such a dominating force, the one person who did give him a run for his money was Alexander Holyfield, someone created a compilation online of his KOs

  • Ed Sheeran’s new song – There is a difference between the ways women and men write music. Women write songs about how terrible men treat them, and Men write about how beautiful women are and how much they love them. Ed Sheeran, wrote his new song ‘Galway Girl’, but apparently it wasn’t actually about any girl in particular.


  • Asking a girl’s father for permission – Cosmo article about how this may be sexist, What about asking a girl’s father to have his daughter’s hand in marriage? Is it still tradition? Is it still right? What about last names? Does the woman have to take the man’s last name? What about vice versa? In today’s society, where feminism is so popular the entire institution of marriage is changing!


  • Quick Friend in Need – Guy just broke up with a girl he was engaged to, doesn’t know what to do to get her back since she’s not responsive, Covino suggests cutting off communication completely and she’ll come running back
  • Rich’s hot doctor – went to the dermatologist for a follow up on his patchy beard, the doctor was a 12, his office was filled with hot patients too, didn’t know how to act with her, if he was single he would have absolutely asked her for a drink