Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-30-17

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 8/30/17


Autumn Reeser – promoting new movie Valley of Bones



Show Topics

  • Dear David Ghost – There is a story going around about a man who apparently is seeing the ghost of a child in his apartment. Apparently the child died years ago, and if you address him as Dear David you can ask him two questions. The man has photographic proof of the phenomenon occurring. More weird things keep happening; his cats gather at his door, and he starts to find marks on his body. One night he starts getting phone calls with just static, and then a small voice. He sets up a nanny cam, and monitors chairs moving in his apartment. All the hype could be for not though, the writer is a cartoonist and works on viral marketing campaigns. Then listeners then call with your own stories.



  • Hurricane relief and how reporters cover stories. Is exploiting the victims of tragedy, like a hurricane or earthquake, right? Or should the news do more to try and help out more. When they cover these stories it does raise awareness, but do you need to directly involve the victims and families when they’ve gone through such a tough time.


  • Plandids are a new craze that people are calling out. It’s a posed photo where it is so clear that the photo is planned that it hurts. They can seem too fake, as if the people took the photo over and over again.


  • Autumn Reeser joins the show, to discuss her upcoming projects on both TV and in movies. They all discuss advice from old people in Hollywood, one of the keys is to be positive. They discuss her upcoming film ‘Valley of the Bones’ and what it was like to be a paleontologist.
  • Single moms definitely can have a hard time when they are actually on their own, but some make it seem like they’re struggling when they’re getting thousands of dollars in child support each month. It sort of a double standard. Plus single dads can be in the exact same situation and get no credit.