Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-29-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 8/29/17

Show Topics

  • Congratulations to Tatiana who is moving to full time with SXM. We’ll miss you on the show, but it’s good to see hard work paying off.
  • Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard, and now the residents of many cities, but especially Houston, are struggling, so if you have a few extra bucks to throw towards the relief effort please do so. At the end of the day you would want others to help you out if this had happened, so why not help. Celebrities are calling out others to donate money to the relief, and if people like The Rock, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé donated a few thousand, the relief effort would be greatly helped.
  • Flying back from Las Vegas the other morning, there was a woman who was done up with her make up at 7 AM. She had luggage worth thousands of dollars, she was fully made up for a 7 AM flight, and was wearing a beautiful outfit that showed off her body. She was beautiful, but it was so clear that she is high maintenance. You see these girls that do nothing for work, but have the luxurious image, it is the complete opposite of what you want. They’re focused on what they look like on the outside, but are empty on the inside. Why should we settle for someone who is not in the pursuit of nice things.
  • Ed Skrein turned down a role in the upcoming Hellboy movie because the character in the comics was of mixed/Asian descent. He would be taking a role away from a minority, which he was against. In the long run though he will be shown as someone who stood against overt racism. He will have other opportunities, and more so now that he has gotten all of this publicity.


  • There are a ton of movies which have culturally appropriated characters and cast them as white actors, even though the characters were written as minorities. Matt Damon has done it, and others as well, but there’s a difference between casting someone in a historically accurate film or a fiction movie.
  • Mukbang is a new craze, where people watch other people eat large amounts of food, and can potentially earn $10,000 a month. Why this is popular, we have no idea, but millions of people are watching these videos every day. These videos are no different than people watching sports


  • There is a new cannabis strain that makes women want to orgasm. It doesn’t MAKE them climax but it makes them want to and increases sensitivity. A cannabis strain that helps sexual intimacy though will be massively popular. Currently the product is only available in California though, as a sort of trial basis.
  • Friend in Need – He met a girl through work and they really clicked, but he has a girlfriend. They ended up hooking up and it was the best sex of his life, but she will not see him again until he breaks up with his current girlfriend. How does he get back in with her with the new chick though? Should he break up with the current girlfriend and go for the new girl, or should he stay with the current girlfriend because the new girl will never trust him as a cheater.
  • Conflicting reports as to whether or not Joel Osteen will or even has opened his church up to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Some are saying he has, others are saying he hasn’t, and others are saying the church is actually flooded. One caller in Houston actually explained that the whole area though, in that part of the city, is under a foot of water.