Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-28-17

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 8/28/17

Show Topics

  • The guys are back after an eventful week in Vegas, and now have highlights and interviews from the event, including an interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr. doing a rap for the guys on the air.


  • McGregor Mayweather was one of the best fights seen in a while, and the people online saying the fight wasn’t worth it are out of their minds. Mayweather knew what he was doing taking the fight into later rounds, and in the end all that the fight came down to was conditioning. Mayweather was so ready for this fight to go the distance, whereas McGregor tried to end it early but tired out quickly. Mayweather’s skill set came out the minute he saw McGregor was out of energy.


  • Age came up for sure in this fight, Floyd was the more skilled fighter but he was so clearly a different fighter because he hasn’t fought in so long. Although he won, he is still 40 years old and not moving as quickly as he used to be. If Mayweather went into the Octagon to face McGregor, this fight would be over in 20 seconds.
  • We all wanted to see someone get knocked out, but the ref was protecting the fighters themselves. The 25 minute mark that everyone was saying McGregor would run out of energy by was completely correct. Any experienced fighter will tell you that Floyd lost his step. Now we can’t wait to see next month in the Canelo v Triple G fight.
  • The flooding in Texas has gotten absolutely terrible, and it’s only supposed to get worse, the storm is supposed to go back out to sea and hit Texas against. The weathermen told people to stay in their home because they were afraid of 6 million people on the road trying to get out.


  • Friday night at Marquee, Rich was having the time of his life. DJ Vice invited the guys out, and invited the guys up on stage, as the night went on, and the booze started flowing, Rich disappeared, he was on the stage. Witnessed something they had never seen before; Rich was jumping up and down more excited than ever before, it was pure glee. DJ Vice was one of the most gracious hosts, and Rich was out of control, and ate Edibles on stage, and even tried to talk a hooker out of her life profession. As they’re kicking everyone out they pulled Rich aside and told them he could stay, but Spot was told out of nowhere that he had to leave the stage, and was finally allowed to go in and close his bar tab.



  • The MLB did a special promotion over the weekend where players wore jerseys with their nicknames on them, but Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees was complaining about ruining tradition and would not wear a jersey with a nickname. He was being resistant and trying to keep old school traditions alive, but in the end this was supposed to be an event for the fans.
  • A new trend in dieting called intermittent fasting has come up, and the guys are intrigued. Apparently what you do is not eat for 16 hours a day, then are able to eat anything for the next 8. Callers swear by both this diet and the Keto diet as showing fast results. The diet is supposed to help lose weight quickly but may prevent muscle toning and building because the person is not getting enough protein in their system.