Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-18-17

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 8/18/17

Show Topics

  • Covino’s need for feedback – Covino’s first show on Turbo was yesterday. Rich points out that Covino has an incessant need for feedback and Covino doesn’t disagree. He wants to know what people think. There is no issue for wanting feedback but Rich doesn’t think that Covino does not do well with negative feedback. Case and point – a listener calls in with negative feedback for Covino and he dismisses the caller. It’s not just feedback in the work environment that Covino wants feedback in all aspects in life, it’s about communicating. Spot thinks it comes from Covino’s need for validation which is odd because Covino has the biggest ego of anyone around.
  • New millennial study – Millennials aren’t into boobs. They are not making boob related porn searches. If they do search for boobs, they tend to search for natural breasts as opposed to fake ones. Covino is still very interested in breasts. This doesn’t surprise them too much because of the butt culture these days. Rich doesn’t focus on breasts at all on women, he is more of a butt guy himself. Millennial listeners call in with their preferences that differ from the study the conversation is based off of.


  • Stop buying huskies – Peter Dinklage has teamed up with PETA to ask people not to buy huskies because of direwolves on Game of Thrones. Huskies are now some of the most abandoned animals in shelters because they can’t be taken care of properly. Covino can’t even believe that television influences people so much. This also something happens with naming children. People naming their children after characters in television in movies is also popular.


  • Spot leaves for Oregon – Spot is driving 13 hours up to Oregon for the solar eclipse. He is going to stay with a listener he has met before. Rich can’t believe that Spot is driving that far for 2 minutes of an eclipse. Spot is excited for his random adventure. The last time the solar eclipse happened like this was in 1979. There is ABC radio coverage from 1979 where they are talking about the next time the eclipse will happen in August 21, 2017.  It is interesting hear them talk about the future while we are currently living it.


  • Depressed Vaginas – new study shows that due to lack of use, vaginal atrophy can set in, women can also have “depressed vaginas” that can cause a bunch of other issues, definitely should show this to your woman