Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-17-17

Covino & Rich –  Thursday, 8/17/17

Show Topics

  • Retirement – Covino had his last shift on Octane last night, he starts on Turbo today. This brings in the idea of retirement, Rich wants to know how people to do it. Rich has a friend who is on track to retire by 50 years old and with how long life spans are now – what is he going to do for all those years? Rich feels like he would get bored. Covino and Spot don’t even think about retirement. They are lucky to have jobs they genuinely enjoy so they aren’t worried about retirement. C&R talk about what are good jobs for bored retired folks and what people do after retirement. Outside of checking on your 401k and trying to be conscious about saving, you really shouldn’t focus too much on retirement, if you do – it’s all downhill from there according to Covino.
  • Total eclipse – Last week, C&R discussed the total eclipse and Spot is planning on driving up to Oregon to see it. During the conversation, Rich as as joke asked if Bonnie Tyler was going to perform Total Eclipse of the Heart somewhere. It turns out that she is! She will be performing on a Total Eclipse cruise.



  • Rich has a deep thought about Lebron James – If the Cavaliers trade Lebron James, do they have anything left. Lebron has one more year in his contract and has been seeing eyeing other teams. If the Cavaliers let the contract play out, they lose Lebron and get nothing. If they trade him now, they at least get another player. Rich doesn’t think they will make a trade that will benefit the team in any way. It is worth keeping in mind that Kyrie does not want play with Lebron as well.
  • Pussification of America – Covino found a few stories that he considers ridiculous. There is a new website called It is a website dedicated to fighting against circumcision. Covino can’t believe that anyone is upset about being circumcised. Next on the pussification list, is a high school football player from a prep school suing his coach for bullying. The student claims that the coach is not playing him. Covino thinks it’s dumb to consider this bullying but Rich not so much. Rich argues that if the kid had been played and is suddenly not being played, there might be something there. With students who are aiming to get scholarships, it is like robbing the students of an opportunity.
  • Friend in need – Listener is recently married and his wife is pushing to have kids already. She feels like her biological clock is ticking. Our listener does not feel ready to have children, he is worried about whether or not he would be a good father, if he will be able to provide in the way he wants to, and whether or not his wife will be a good mother. The guys both agree that they need to enjoy time as a married couple first before having children. Once you have a child, your whole life changes and there is no going back. Listeners call in with their advice on having children and waiting. There are factors to consider though, it is more difficult for women to have children later. The older the woman is the higher the risk of the pregnancy. They are married already, they need to have this conversation openly.


  • Jason Ellis Stops by – talks about his recent vasectomy, hurt a lot more than he thought, when to decide if you’re going to get a vasectomy