Covino & Rich Show Recap: 8-15-17

Covino & Rich –  Tuesday, 8/15/17



Show Topics

  • Mayweather vs McGregor – C&R will be in Las Vegas next week for the fight. 9 out of 10 people are voting for Mayweather. There is a guy who bet over $800,000 on the fight. With the odds being -500, do you wager $5,000 on Mayweather? For Spot the risk isn’t worth it. Covino is convinced it is going to be a one-sided event, Mayweather is going to win. People are just distracted by McGregor’s trash talk. Rich isn’t too sure, but he’s thinking about betting on Mayweather. He thinks it’s easy money and everyone should bet on this fight, despite the fact that is more than a spectacle than anything else. The guys discuss the Las Vegas betting scene and how the city depends on gambling losses.


  • Uncle Mack updates – Uncle Mack has never once listened to C&R but decides to give Covino business advice. He says that he needs to start advertising more – apparently Mack is an advertising and marketing expert, which is news to Covino. Covino pointed out that there are over 30 million subscribers and that you won’t see advertising for specific shows on SiriusXM locally. Uncle Mack thinks that Covino should invest in television advertisements and follow the lead of the My Pillow guy, because the My Pillow guy is rich.


uncle mack 1uncle mack 2


  • “I Do A Podcast” – Covino and Rich were out at the bar for Covino’s birthday over the weekend. One of the girls they were hanging out with mentioned she did a podcast after she found out the guys do a radio show. She kept downplaying what they do, told them about advertising, and saying that they need to do a podcast. She kept comparing her podcast to their show over and over again. Covino had a breaking point and had to mention that he made really good money doing what he did. The unawareness that some people have in unreal, especially when they walk into a new scenario. You can’t pretend to know everything and offer advice when you have no experience. Listeners call in with their own experiences of amateurs giving them advice on how to do their jobs.
  • New trend alert – Rich calls out a new trend, in true Covino fashion. The trend is crotch charms. It is a piece of jewelry that that hangs from the bikini crotch. It’s not a piercing or sticker, it’s a dangling piece of jewelry. This is definitely not a trend, Covino is convinced it is. The conversation takes a turn for the worst when Covino brings up nipple nooses which inevitably ends in a conversation about nipples, good nipples, bad nipples, and other nipple assessments.


  • Covino’s news – Tim Tebow says hi to an old woman who is a fan in a video message and the old woman is so happy she cries. An autistic boy has a plank nailed to the back of his head. He was followed by bullies and he climbed a tree to escape them while he was walking home. When he climbed down the tree he was attacked, lodging a nail and plank in his head..


  • There’s a new age limit in town – An article says that if you are over 37, you are too old for the club. The guys agree – they follow the rule that the youngest person you should date is half your age plus 7. You probably won’t meet anyone there in your age range if you’re looking to meet someone anyway. The age was decided by a study conducted for the article, apparently people starting transitioning out of the club life at around 31 years old and at 37 most people are not interested in going to the club. At that age, most people don’t want to deal with the hangover, get dressed up, or find a babysitter.


  • Friend in Need – A female listener reaches out for advice in dating. She tends to avoid social media because she is usually brought to tears when she logs on. Whenever she logs on to socials, all she sees are wedding announcements, baby announcements, people happy with their families or significant others. She is in the middle of a 4 year drought of being single. She’s 37 years old and single – she’s gone on countless dates and tried every dating app or website. The listener seems perfect on paper – she is career driven, attractive, in great physical shape and has very little baggage. She feels hopeless. C&R got a chance to meet her on their last road trip. When they met her they didn’t think she would have any problem dating. The guys do understand how it may be difficult to date at her age. Rich thinks maybe she needs a makeover – try something new, because whatever she’s doing isn’t working. Maybe her expectations are too high to the type of man she is looking for. Covino thinks that she needs to work on herself because her outlook and perspective is too negative. They understand where she is coming from but she may be giving off this bad vibe.